From Belfast’s Art College to becoming an alumni of the Harvard Business School my journey to Making Great Leaders has been one of passion, adversity, learning and accomplishment.

What value do I bring?

I can get people to change quickly – I am a powerful catalyst
I can save you time and money by helping you align your managers and their teams

What can I do?

Find ways to get managers to change
Build connections within a team of senior managers
Make academic ideas useable
Take the mystery out of leadership

What I am good at?

Developing empathy and trust with senior managers.
Building Creative solutions and inspiring managers to take risks
Supporting managers through difficult career challenges
Building enough trust to give honest feedback

What I have I done?

Led international teams of consultants since 1993 delivering projects, internationally, for Coca-Cola, Smurfit, Dell, Prudential, Thomson Reuters, CAT, Government Agencies in Northern Ireland, Singapore, Iceland and the UK as well as many other medium sized organizations.

Participated in designing Programs to develop leadership skills for SVPs, VPs, Directors, Intact Senior teams, Executive teams in medium sized businesses.

I have managed global programs for sales skills, export initiatives and sales management.

Career History

I began the people development portion of his career in 1993 after 8 years working in the IT sector for Nixdorf Computer, ICS Computing Group and McKeown Software, where I held roles in Sales and Marketing management.

My first engagement was with CFM, an outsourcing firm based in Belfast. The brief was to improve the interpersonal skills of the account management team. Following this, Coca-Cola gave me an assignment to develop a sales team based in N.Ireland. This was the start of an international assignment and my work proved so successful that Coca-Cola gave me and my team assignments in Romania, Greece, Russia, UK, Singapore, USA, Italy, Spain and France.  During this time, I still found time to develop projects for HP, DELL, and Prudential.

During these assignments the question “What’s next?” was asked repeatedly and the answer that I saw clearly was leadership.

In 1996, I began to work with a new team on the issue of leadership. This gave me the opportunity to work with a Scottish University to develop a MSc  in Corporate Sales Leadership.  This MSc offering saw new leadership assignments with Viridian PLC, Motorola, Nortel and other smaller businesses.

In 2006 I put a team together to design and deliver the Advanced Management Program for Thomson Reuters. This is now an international program that has currently helped over 1500 managers transform how they lead their teams.

Working each year in Asia, USA, Europe and Africa, provides me with a unique perspective of the challenges faced by Managers of Managers.  I try to write about my observations weekly on blog sites and forums to challenge managers to rethink their approach to leadership.  Recently I have written about 21st Century Leadership and Tomorrow’s Leaders, the VUCA world and other challenges managers are facing on a daily basis.

Over my career I have had a wide variety of experiences which allows me to provide a rounded, pragmatic perspective of leadership development that is very much appreciated by managers of managers -i.e. the real machine behind corporate success. Over the past 20 years, I, together with an awesome team of professionals, have worked with more than 6,000 managers around the globe, successfully implementing projects in over 24 languages and 53 countries.

My Personal History

I was born at the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland in 1963, which means I grew up amidst a stark example of the problems caused by a lack of vision and respect for individual diversity.  As a consequence, I have devoted much of my career to helping people discover the power of a vision and the benefits of harnessing diversity both in the workplace and the border community.

I have a vision of a network of business associates world-wide focused on the niche segment “Leadership for Managers of Managers”.  My aim is to create a resource that interfaces with real managers in a way that acknowledges all of their past successes, their considerable academic achievements and sets out a plan to help them make SMALL CHANGES that can make the difference between managing and truly LEADING.

I live on the shores of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland with my daughter, Thalia. My two sons are independently pursuing their dreams, they regularly visit and share tales of their adventures.